Hi, Eugene here. I founded Bellawatt to merge my experience consulting for electric utilities with today's web technologies.

Software, with its malleability and low overhead costs, can be a key contributor to reducing the rigidity of company operations, just like it has for so many other industries. And electric utilities are ripe for change. The way electricity is generated, purchased, and understood is changing, and the energy industry must become operationally nimble to adapt.

Because we understand the inner workings of utilities and energy companies, we can build highly customized and relevant products to suit real business needs. Our projects range from consumer-facing apps to internal budgeting and reporting software designed exclusively for subject matter experts.

We deliver holistic solutions because our team covers the entire lifecycle of delivering a product - design, development, and project management. We couple our technology skillsets with deep utility and energy expertise so that when you work with us, you always interface with both an energy professional and experienced developer who understand your business needs and will do the work, not offshore it.

Let's connect if any of the above resonates - whether you’re interested in working together or just want to debate the merits of deregulation.

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Eugene Granovsky
Founder, Bellawatt