Get Started The Right Way

Discover Opportunity

We value truly immersing ourselves in a problem space before committing to particular solutions. Doing so ensures the software products we build are done cost-effectively and with everyone crystal clear about whether a solution is the best approach to a particular problem. Through our discovery process we spend time uncovering stakeholder and user needs and establishing common alignment throughout a team around success before kicking off engineering. Our discovery process consists of:

  1. Stakeholder Interviews. We conduct up to 10 in-depth interviews with intended users and business stakeholders using a structured and rigorous process. The goal of the interviews is to confirm and improve the collective parties' understanding of a Product's desired objectives and outcomes.

    Skipping this step can result in product solutions that miss the mark or unintentionally alienate particular customers and/or colleagues including senior management.
  2. Outline Key Product Requirements. Leveraging the Stakeholder Interviews, we draft an outline of key product requirements. We outline the context, key identified problems-to-solve, the preferred solutions, and major associated features and their respective requirements.

    We then use the product requirement definition to inform subsequent design and development scopes, including estimated costs and timelines.
  3. Identified Risks to Success. Separately, we identify and share known and newly-identified risks for successfully achieving the desired outcome(s). Typical risks include technical feasibility, data availability, user interest, financial viability, and potential conflicting priorities amongst company departments.

    Stating the perceived challenges up front aligns and focuses the team, and derisks any forthcoming investments.

Fixed Scope & Schedule

It doesn't matter if your intentions are to build an MVP or launch a unicorn - our process lasts 4-6 weeks (depending on your stakeholders' availability) and costs a flat $19,500.