Case Study

How we helped NHEC deliver dynamic prices to DER devices.

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New Rate & Tech

designed, built, & tested with OEM partners

2MWh to grid

per participating pilot V2G EV

$1,000+ per DER

in annual participant credits observed.


Company Name

The New Hampshire Electric Cooperative

Company Size

100 - 500

Customers Served



DER-Agnostic Load Flexibility Tools

The Challenge

NHEC saw an opportunity to significantly benefit their members with DERs by creating a Transactive Energy Rate, estimating thousands of dollars in possible credits per participant per year. Key to the program design was the utility's agnostic stance on device type and a focus on informing rather than controlling participating devices.

Bellawatt leveraged its energy and product expertise to de-risk and set product priorities to ensure a timely launch, we designed & developed the underlying technology, and worked with aggregators and OEMs including Fermata & GM to pilot the rate.

“I'm proud we were able to turn an ambitious idea into a reality, overcoming major tech hurdles and proving what it takes to make V2G rates feasible.”

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Matt Gizmunt

Product Manager

Key Components Of Our DER Software

Registration by Device

Either customers or local aggregators can register a device for the Transactive Energy Rate by website or API. Most interest is in EVs, V2G, & Solar Batteries.

Day-ahead Hourly Price Signal

NHEC passively sends a set of day-ahead 24 hourly price signals to registered devices. Devices are informed not controlled.

Devices React & Share Usage Data

Devices react to price information based on third-party preferences & send usage info to NHEC. There are no minimum participation requirements.

Monthly Bills & Credits Generated

Participating devices are a separate line item on the monthly bill, and reflect usage costs or credits, treating the device as a separate meter.

Virtual Metering

Our market research surfaced an opportunity to remove a major friction point for program adoption by enabling virtual device metering & reconciliation.

Auditable Admin Dashboard

Utility administrators have a dedicated dashboard to manage the program rates components, monitor and troubleshoot devices, and audit data.

The Solution

Bellawatt developed real time DER rate software to send NHEC's day-ahead price signal to DER devices like EV V2G Chargers and home batteries, receive daily device usage reports, and then post them to NHEC's NISC billing system.

Participating customers are able to charge and discharge their DER devices based on energy prices and see device-level usage and credits reflected on their monthly bill. NHEC's Fermata Energy V2G pilot at Plymouth State University discharged over 1 MWh into the grid generating over $1,300 in credits for the university in less than 6 months of deployment.

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The Results

Bellawatt and NHEC were able to successfully show a functioning Transactive Energy Rate with day-ahead pricing signals to any DER device without the utility controlling devices.

In the process we generated deep insights into the technology, program, and business requirements for creating the most successful dynamic pricing DR & DER programs for both utilities, aggregators, and OEMs.

Our experts would be happy to discuss our insights and how they might help your projects become a reality.

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