Digital Products for Electric Utilities

We build user-friendly software for the energy industry. Because we understand the inner workings of utilities and energy companies, we build highly customized and relevant products to suit real business needs.

We know the difference between a kW and a kWh, even if your consumers do not.

Our clients include

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Rethink Your Spreadsheets

It’s no secret electric utilities run on Excel, and we can help whether you need your own model or want to modernize a long-running process. For Amazon Web Service’s energy team, we custom-built an energy cost forecasting model for a collection of their highly variable data centers.

Conversely, for an office of the DOE, we evaluated a reporting process that had 120+ people sending large spreadsheets across 10+ nationwide locations. We redesigned the workflow into a streamlined data collection and reporting web application that integrated seamlessly with existing processes.

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Build a Killer Product

We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we do know how to build, test, and iterate products. We pride ourselves for building what’s necessary and nothing more, which empowers us (and you) to evolve quickly.

We originally built PG&E's EV Savings Calculator with a focus on total cost of ownership, and through user-testing identified and added major features like a stand-alone EV rate calculator. We're currently working on the fourth phase with our colleagues at ZappyRide to further improve the tool, which has now had over 150,000 users.

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Augment Your Team

Engineers become increasingly stretched as clients, dependencies, and tech debt mount. We can help you breathe easy by leveraging our energy-focused software engineering team.

We've worked side-by-side with Sunrun through three teams and four projects, ranging from independently building the company wide UI library used in MySunrun to completely taking over their Educational Anchors and delivering it at ~60% of their budget.

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