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How PG&E brought electrification to millions of their customers.

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Electrification Marketplace

The Challenge

PG&E had a unique vision for how they wanted to help their customers take advantage of their extensive resources for electrification & resiliency. Their existing platform was confusing, not user-friendly, and limited in its ability to effectively connect customers with relevant energy-saving products and associated utility programs. PG&E aimed to foster a more intuitive, engaging, and seamless online experience that would not only guide users to make energy-efficient choices but also help with customer resiliency measures. So we helped them launch the Guide marketplace to make their vision come true.

“Guide is a holistic solution that empowers PG&E customers with personalized & actionable resources while they shop for energy products.”

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The Solution

Bellawatt undertook the ambitious project of redesigning PG&E's utility marketplace from the ground up with a rapidly approaching go live deadline that was successfully met.

Our work involved in-depth market research, user experience design, and the integration of a vast array of energy-saving products and resources. The new platform was built with the end-user in mind, featuring personalized recommendations, streamlined search functions, and a personalized approach to energy savings. The project was executed with continuous feedback from stakeholders and customers, ensuring that the final product was impactful and met expectations.

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PG&E Marketplace

The Results

The newly launched marketplace exceeded all expectations, demonstrating significant improvements in customer engagement, site traffic, and conversion rates for energy-saving actions.

It has since become a pivotal tool for PG&E in promoting energy efficiency, resiliency, and it's wide variety of customer resources.

The platform's success laid the groundwork for ongoing iterative updates and enhancements, ensuring that it remains a leading resource in the energy sector. This project exemplifies how strategic collaboration, customer-focused design, and agile development practices can create impactful solutions.

The Bellawatt Promise

Startup speed, industry expertise.

At Bellawatt, we marry agile methods with exclusive energy industry focus. This powerful combo ensures your projects move from concept to market-leading solutions in record time. Let's build the future of energy together.

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