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How we boosted Scale Microgrids' sales UX with tech.

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About Scale

Scale Microgrids works with businesses to provide access to more reliable, sustainable, and affordable power by integrating several distributed energy technologies into a single controllable solution.

The team at Scale accomplishes this by leveraging multi-faceted modeling tools in order to configure and dispatch their vertically-integrated microgrid projects.

The Challenge

Building on the success of their innovative solution, Scale identified an opportunity to convert their existing project modeling team methods into a Python-based software application that could be utilized across multiple departments. Given their success as a business, their tech team was so busy with existing projects, that they brought in Bellawatt to help improve their sales tool experience.

During Discovery, our Product team defined a series of key problems-to-solve along with feature requirements that would ultimately streamline onboarding new users, provide guardrails for user inputs, and speed up turnaround time to optimize projects and proposals. In addition, shifting to a web application created an opportunity to centralize a source of truth easily accessible across multiple teams and stakeholders.

“We used approachable tools coupled with clear documentation to enable an incredibly smooth product hand off to Scale's development team.”

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Key Components Of Application

Utility Rate CMS

Users can create and edit utility rates across dozens of service territories that can then be plugged for scenario modeling.

In-app Alerts and Messaging

The project development portal recognizes and surfaces feasibility errors to bring clarity and comfort to users.

Robust Testing Suite

The slightest errors carry significant financial implications, so our tests ensured output accuracy and increased user adoption confidence.

Modern UX

Leveraging modern design principles packages the portal into a snappy, intuitive app that's delightful to use and reduces cognitive load.

The Solution

Bellawatt's energy expertise allowed the team to quickly ramp up on the unique nuances of microgrid development, working closely with Scale Microgrids' project analysts and sales team to preserve what worked well and envision the future ideal state.

In-depth user interviews created space to understand critical day-to-day pain points and balance them with multi-year business objectives. Paired with multiple Figma prototypes to simulate coded applications, key stakeholders were able to provide valuable feedback for our team to quickly iterate on.

Put together, we delivered a turnkey web application capable of supporting multiple user roles and multiple stages of the microgrid sales pipeline, with a flexible architecture to expand functionality far beyond the initial scope.

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The Results

We believe in establishing long-term partnerships to help our clients achieve maximum value in their innovation endeavors.

With Scale Microgrids, we successfully researched, designed, developed, and launched a Project Development Portal, and iterated on it with project analysts to have it tested and ready for a company-wide launch. We also worked closely with their tech team to ensure that they could take it over and continue to improve upon it once we were done building the initial experience.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Scale users are able to more intuitively onboard new users and generate complex project models
  • Scale users save time, from calculation speeds to optimizing projects
  • Scale now has a platform that is flexible to support and/or integrate with other Scale applications

The Bellawatt Promise

Startup speed, industry expertise.

At Bellawatt, we marry agile methods with exclusive energy industry focus. This powerful combo ensures your projects move from concept to market-leading solutions in record time. Let's build the future of energy together.

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