We are currently looking for an experienced front-end or full-stack developer to join our small veteran team. You can read more about our beliefs, processes, and aspirations in our How We Work page. And if this at all sounds interesting, please reach out!

Our interview process is straightforward:

  1. Email us at contact@bellawatt.com with your resume and/or a link to your LinkedIn profile, along with a short writeup (1-4 sentences) on why you're interested in working together.
  2. Informal interview (30 min) where we get to know each other and discuss expectations to see if there is mutual interest.
  3. Writing Sample. We’ll ask you to tell us about one of the following situations you have recently encountered:
    • A tricky bug you’ve solved and what the process was like.
    • A code refactor you completed. Why did you choose to refactor and what did the change improve?
    • A code design pattern that you chose. What other patterns did you consider, what were the tradeoffs, and why did you select the one you did?
  4. Technical interview (90 min). We'll open a live React app together, and work through some issues in it. The app will closely resemble actual problems we have worked through, without any “gotcha” trivia or whiteboard coding.
  5. Product interview (90 min). About a week after the Technical Interview, we’ll architect and plan a brand new app together dynamically. We'll work together, and you will lead the code design process as if you’ll be the primary developer on the project.
  6. We’ll send you an offer within a week.

That's it! We don't like drawn-out interview processes any more than you do.

Thanks for visiting,

- Miro, Veronika, Brandon, Brian, and Eugene.