We are always looking for colleagues who want to help modernize the energy industry, especially if share our beliefs, processes, and aspirations around how we work.

In addition, please see our current open positions.

Our interview process is straightforward for all positions:

  1. Email us at hello@bellawatt.com with your resume and/or a link to your LinkedIn profile, along with a short hello that includes why you're interested to work together.
  2. Informal interview (30 min) where we get to know each other and discuss expectations to see if there is mutual interest.
  3. Technical interview (60 min). We'll dive into your subject matter expertise in detail and share how it could be applied at Bellawatt (without any "gotcha" trivia). For exmaple, for a Front-End Developer we'll open a live React app together and work through some issues. A PM may workshop how they would resolve competing priorities from various executives.
  4. Case Study (90 min). Whatever your position may be, we'll pull in two other colleagues and collaboratively work through a project in an attempt to replicate a real-world working dynamic. You will lead the portion that would be your responsibility in a full-time capacity, thereby giving all of us a sense of how we'd get along.
  5. We'll send you an offer within a week.

That's it! We don't like drawn-out interview processes any more than you do.

Thanks for visiting,

- Miro, Veronika, Brandon, Brian, and Eugene.