Product Ideation

Transform your vision into viable solutions with our Product Ideation service: a collaborative Design Sprint process that rapidly converts ideas into actionable, market-ready innovations.

Design Sprints at Bellawatt

What to Expect

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Unleash the Power of Design Thinking

Helping you spark new ideas

What We Do

Our 3 day Design Sprint is tailored to help your team generate new ideas, rapidly prototype solutions, and address complex challenges unique to the energy industry.

Why We Do It

Provide clarity of vision for your future potential energy projects. The Bellawatt Design Sprint will help fast-track your team's creativity to solve your most pressing energy problems. The sprint ultimately culminates in a stakeholder-aligned product prototype.

What You Get

MVP prototype: In just three days, emerge with a tested prototype and a clear action plan.

Our Design Sprint can serve as a launching point for us helping you turn an idea into a real product offering.

How Long Does This Initiative Typically Take?

Clarity in Scope and Timeline

Ensure your projects are viable and stay on track with clear timelines and defined scopes. We prioritize transparency from start to finish - here's what to expect:

3 days

Time To Completion

MVP Prototype

Final Output

Design & Build Ready

Team Agnostic


Frequently asked questions from past clients

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“Bellawatt has been an excellent energy software partner- they took our need to connect devices all over our service territory and boiled it down into easy-to-use, efficient, and streamlined software that helped make our project a reality.”

— Brian Callnan

VP Power Resources & Access, NHEC