Electrification Marketplace

Helping utilities launch personalized marketplaces for customers to save money, energy, and improve grid resilience.

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PG&E increased outcomes by 2x using our marketplace solution.

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Built For Your Unique Customer & Program Needs

The Best Utility Marketplace Customer Experience

See what an Electrification Marketplace looks like when customer needs & utility program goals are truly taken into account in the design process.

Our marketplace is your gateway to offering customers an unparalleled electrification shopping experience, complete with your utility-specific program, rebate, and resource integrations.

Together, we can work with customers to benefit them, meet program goals, and accelerate electrification & the energy transition.

What We Deliver

In today's digital age, your customers expect quick, straightforward solutions at their fingertips.

Our Marketplace meets customer expectations by providing a seamless interface and intuitive design, ensuring we meet your customers where they are in their electrification journey. This includes personalized guidance for a variety of customer types to find and invest in the right energy-efficient products. Our marketplace is meticulously designed to mirror the simplicity and convenience of the best online and mobile retail experiences, making it easy for your customers to identify the best energy solutions & associated utility resources.

From browsing to comparison, and ultimately to purchase, every step is streamlined for maximum user satisfaction while meeting utility program goals.

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Case Study

See how we helped PG&E build their marketplace

Learn how we supported PG&E in creating their user-friendly marketplace. Our collaboration focused on making energy choices simpler and more transparent for their customers.

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