We work with the leaders of the energy industry. We leverage vetted programming frameworks to redesign organizational processes, build trusted products, and ultimately solve real-world business problems. Some of our work includes:

Pacific Gas & Electric

PG&E Electric Vehicle Savings Calculator

Along with ZappyRide, and as mandated by the CPUC, we built an electric vehicle savings calculator for PG&E.

This is such an outstanding tool. I can hardly believe it has come out of a public agency. Do we really have people this good still working in the public sector? This site does all the research I thought I was going to have to do myself and puts in all in one place with beautiful, intuitive presentations. It is just gorgeous and I hope whoever is responsible got lots of raises and pats on the back. Wow."
PG&E Customer

The site received 100,000 visitors in its first nine months, and in the meantime we've added an electric vehicle rate engine. It creates two load profiles (8760 values for the home; 8760 values for the EV), scales each of them based on user inputs, and applies PG&E’s residential EV rates. All of this is done nearly instantaneously, and highlights our ability to translate a complicated topic such as electric rates into a user-friendly experience.

We continue working with ZappyRide all over the country, including building similar products for Austin Energy and Duquesne Light Co.



We built and continue to maintain a budgeting application for the US Department of Energy. The original process was driven by Excel spreadsheets, with 80+ people sending large files across 10+ nationwide locations. We redesigned the workflow into a streamlined data collection and reporting web application that integrated seamlessly with existing processes.

Sunrun, Inc.

Sunrun, Inc.

We've supported multiple key 2019 initiatives, ranging from independently building micro-sites for the Customer Experience team to working full-time, hand-in-hand with a large Engineering team to overhaul Sunrun’s sales platform.

“Hands down, [Bellawatt] is the easiest contractor relationship I’ve ever had to manage.”
Sunrun Engineering Manager

We've now worked on four separate projects at Sunrun, for three different internal departments, while utilizing a variety of technologies. For one of the projects, our ability to understand both software and the nuances of solar installations allowed us to complete the work on time and at ~60% of the budgeted cost.